Top 5 Online Casino Events in 2022

The growing number of online betting companies already shows that this is a market that will gain more investment. Due to this expansion, conferences and events are organized to let everyone know about the innovations created by the providers. In addition, the technological resources presented show how the future of this sector will be.

Every year these events mark the exhibition of new tools and games that will be successful. In 2022 it could not be different, and some conferences will move and heat up the world of online games even more.

Top 5 Events of 2022

ICE Londres

The biggest meeting of operators across Europe will take place between the 12th and 14th of April. The exhibition will cover 10 different sectors that will bring technological solutions to equipment manufacturers, suppliers and everyone who participates in this industry. As the event did not take place in person in 2021 due to the pandemic, ICE London 2022 promises to be as good as previous editions.

Finding new partners and distributors is a goal for those who registered, and the celebration of the return to face-to-face activities will be the hallmark of this conference.

Sigma Americas

From June 6th to 9th, one of the biggest exhibitions in the market will bring together industry leaders, with the aim of creating partnership ties and establishing new directions for the sector. Sigma is considered the biggest event in the gaming industry and takes place annually. In addition, it is an opportunity to boost business with investments. A glimpse into emerging trends and access to guidance.

Global Gaming Expo (G2E)

It will take place in Las Vegas from October 10th to 13th and should bring together several exhibitors who will demonstrate the new platforms and all the technology used since the last edition. The event is very important for everyone to explore the future of this market. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to expand the collaboration network and build new successful partnerships.

The entire meeting will take place safely, with all the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we can expect a smaller audience, but no less euphoric.

World Gaming Executive Summit

On the 29th and 30th of June, the 16th edition of the WGES will take place, which will bring new knowledge and networking opportunities. The high profile event is essential for operators, providers and gaming companies looking to build new market relationships. Speakers will share experiences that should serve as an engagement base for new businesses.

It is a very important event that happens successfully every year and opens doors for new startups and for the future of technology.

European Gaming Quarterly Meetups

These Meetups are quarterly meetings that present all the latest in the gaming industry in Europe. This year, they will take place on June 2, September 6 and November 10. The meetings are held through discussion panels, accompanied by some of the great references in this market. The round tables bring answers to many questions and have become essential for anyone seeking knowledge in the area.

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